We are currently reviewing plans for a 4m extension. Unfortunately the plan has defined a pitch of 13 degs and therefore we are finding it hard to find a robust watertight solution for the pitched rooflinet. We are dead against having a flat roof and have reviewed redland tiles which claim a 12.5 deg spec (but this leaves no margin for error). Alternatively we are looking at envirotile which looks robust in weatherproof testing but troubles me with the potential of guarantee, UV stability, Embrittlement..?? any thoughts…

  • Adam


    I don’t have much technical expertise in this area but a few ideas came to mind. Could you not improve the angle in your favour by a few degrees? If it means an extra few cm in ridge height or bringing in the wall by a foot or two is anybody going to notice?

    If that’s not possible then perhaps a call to Redland’s technical department to quiz them on the spec of the tiles they supply You might find, as with most things, a certain tolerance is built in to the specification of that tile. The blurb might state 12.5 deg but the reality is that they might cope with a bit less. If this is the case then as long as you have a roofer worth his salt on your team you should be okay.

    It never hurts to ask!

    Good luck

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