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avfuse Ltd’s aim is to integrate a modern automation system within a home ensuring simplicity of use and working in harmony with other technology making living there easier for everyone.

They provide simple and intuitive systems to intelligently control audio visual equipment, lighting, climate control, security systems and CCTV, all integrated and operated by a single user interface.

A system that allows you to control just about any aspect of your house and garden with ease. Garden lights that can switch on in the evening and switch off when you go to bed, a sprinkler system that will water your lawn when too dry, lights that turn off when a room is not occupied, windows that open when the temperature rises but not open if the house is unoccupied and the receipt of a text or email if security is breached while away from home.

The possibilities are endless allowing avfuse Ltd to plan and install an entertainment system available in any room at the touch of your fingers.

avfuse Ltd, are a company based in Scotland specialising in audio-visual and automation systems both in residential and commercial properties.

Their business is built on the strong foundation of staff who have a vast amount of knowledge built up over a significant? number of years, working with property developers, private residential and commercial clients integrating people and technology into the buildings they occupy.

avfuse Ltd carry out all stages of design planning through to completion of equipment installation and programming.

avfuse Ltd will focus on the challenge of helping people find the most optimal solution possible for their tailor made system within budget and timescale. When complete ongoing support and maintenance will be provided.