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Quality & Performance from Danilith


The unique Danilith system combines a hand finished brick outer layer with high density concrete, Recticel foam insulation and a lightweight concrete inner layer to produce a highly robust efficient fabric for your self build or development project. The brick faced panels can if required, be adapted to enable a rendered or timber clad finish to suit a wide range of vernacular styles.

Bespoke designs are manufactured in their factory ensuring accurate, consistent construction standards unaffected by weather or on site issues and ensuring every component fits perfectly and to the dimensions specified on your plans.

Doors and windows are pre-installed to the same accurate standards ensuring exceptional air tightness and providing a weatherproof and secure structure allowing the installation of expensive heating and electrical systems to commence at a much earlier stage.

The external walls have an overall thickness of only 300mm and give a  U-Value of 0.21W/m2K which when combined with air tightness levels below 2.0 m3/m2hr and the effects of thermal mass will provide a highly efficient fabric, reducing space heating requirements and alleviating over heating during the summer months.

EPC ratings in excess of 90% have been assessed and higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes can be achieved with their construction method. Danilith’s Fabric Energy Efficiency Standards (FEES) have been calculated to exceed the government’s targets for 2016.

Taking a Fabric First approach these highly efficient properties provide a sound building fabric within which you can fully benefit from renewable energy or reducing the reliance upon such technology to provide an efficient home.