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Lattice Period Windows

Authentic, original craftsmanship. It's the only way Lattice Period Windows know. They have spent a great deal of time working energy-efficiency, security and fire safety measures into thier designs. So when you choose Lattice for your windows you can be sure that you are selecting the best combination of craftsmanship, style and durability.

Restoring... Some of the finest buildings in Britain owe the superb condition of their original windows to their craftsmen. When originality really matters, Lattice Period Windows are the perfect choice.

Replacing... Whether you select directly from their range, or choose to have perfect replicas made of your existing fittings and ironwork, you can be sure that their windows will complement your home perfectly.

Creating... When you are building a home that is truly special, it is reassuring to know that the design, materials and craftsmanship of the windows will endure for generations to come.