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Watch this space for real life project blogs from self-builders and renovators. You'll also find news, views and comments from the Editors and Experts behind Homebuilding & Renovating magazine. If you're interested in writing a blog on your own project, please get in touch.

Latest Blogs

  • Choosing Colours for Your Kitchen

    Posted by Amanda Selby on Wednesday 20th August 2014

    When choosing a kitchen, there are hundreds of choices to make After deciding on the layout of the room, one of your first tasks will be to choose your colour scheme, because this will inform so many other aspects of your kitchen design. In open plan areas, the kitchen colours...

  • Shopping

    Posted by Darren Findlow and Anthony Higham on Thursday 14th August 2014

    With 1 bathroom and 3 ensuites to design and shop for my eyes are getting a little crossed! So much choice and a blank canvas is almost as difficult as little choice and tight constraints. So for now I have written my shopping lists excluding showers as I’m not sure what sizes I...

  • Watching Paint Dry

    Posted by Lindsey Davis on Monday 11th August 2014

    A productive weekend fitting DIY in around trying to have a social life

  • The Welcome Return of the Fireplace

    Posted by David Snell on Wednesday 6th August 2014

    After falling out of fashion for a few decades, the fireplace is back thanks to the woodburning stove

  • Alison's Adventures in Self Build Wonderland

    Posted by Alison Bishop on Tuesday 5th August 2014

    With record temperatures, a builder at the ready, and the vast majority of legal and planning fees already paid, it’s frustrating to report the progress of my self build is still pretty much a status quo.

  • Day 2

    Posted by Darren Findlow and Anthony Higham on Monday 28th July 2014

    It's only the second day of having builders on site and we arrived at lunchtime today to find that most of the footings had been dug and concrete was on it's way to be poured. It's great to see such momentum in the project and it's really starting to hit home that we are...

  • We've only just begun…...

    Posted by Darren Findlow and Anthony Higham on Friday 25th July 2014

    It finally happened today – we have eventually broken ground and the build has officially begun. We’re really excited and have been on site all day today watching in awe.

  • Trying to Make an Old House Suit Modern Living

    Posted by Lindsey Davis on Wednesday 23rd July 2014

    Old homes just don't want to suit modern life, and why should they?

  • Its Been A Long Time......

    Posted by Olli Blair on Tuesday 22nd July 2014

    Its been a long time since I last posted here which in itself is a long story. One for another day and another post. This evening, after the heat was fading from a blistering day of sunshine, the four of us wandered down the track from the house we're renting to inspect...

  • Pre-Planning to Planning Application

    Posted by Joe Shimbart on Saturday 12th July 2014

    My pre-planning application was submitted April 2014. This is not an essential part of the planning process however we decided it would be valuable and help smooth and ease the design process. The results certainly suggested it was a well worthwhile exercise.