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Watch this space for real life project blogs from self-builders and renovators. You'll also find news, views and comments from the Editors and Experts behind Homebuilding & Renovating magazine. If you're interested in writing a blog on your own project, please get in touch.

Latest Blogs

  • Spring has Sprung

    Posted by Rebecca Clutton on Sunday 29th March 2015

    I’m starting to allow myself to get just a little bit excited now. As you’ll see from the photos, loads of progress has been made over the last few weeks and the house is really coming along.

  • Visual Diary #2

    Posted by Laura Lewis-Davies on Saturday 28th March 2015

    A few snaps from when the concrete foundations were poured to preparing the concrete slab - featuring lots of lovely Visqueen and mesh!

  • Finally I Can Start

    Posted by Joe Shimbart on Sunday 22nd March 2015

    Well I am very pleased to say that finally all the barriers, hurdles and red tape has been dealt with and I am now able to start to build.

  • Progress, progress, progress

    Posted by Alison Bishop on Friday 20th March 2015

    Feeling the love for my builders this week. These guys have grafted away to make brilliant progress. The concrete was poured into the ground — all seven wagon loads of it on Friday, they stayed until 7pm to get the job done and it dried nicely over the weekend. Thanks to the dry...

  • Live Blog: Homebuilding & Renovating Show March 2015

    Posted by Sarah Handley on Wednesday 18th March 2015

    Follow Sarah's live blogging from the National Homebuilding & Renovating Show

  • Please Feed the Ducks

    Posted by Laura Lewis-Davies on Monday 16th March 2015

    So, work on site has been progressing slowly but surely. I've not blogged for a few weeks as I wanted to make sure that the point at which I commit to writing, 'the slab will be poured next week', is the point at which the slab is actually about to be poured. And today is the...

  • Let the Digging Commence!

    Posted by Alison Bishop on Friday 13th March 2015

    Things have gone pretty well this week despite my new obsession with weather apps and long term forecasts. On Monday, the digger was delivered and all the equipment dropped off. The builders set up their tea-making equipment in the barn and started work on the Tuesday with a...

  • A Testing Time

    Posted by Rebecca Clutton on Sunday 8th March 2015

    It’s been over a month now since my last blog and what a lot has happened. My last one was typed and ready to upload when we received some devastating news. Framewise, who had manufactured our timber frame, went into administration. Unfortunately, this was before our house had...

  • Custom Build Comes of Age

    Posted by on Thursday 5th March 2015

    A visit to the pioneering frontier of the UK housing industry — which, in this case, is located in south central Peterborough. I'm here to meet Ron Gibbons who with his business partner Simon Pugh (together they form Urban Self Build), are people with a vision.

  • Start Date

    Posted by Alison Bishop on Wednesday 25th February 2015

    Finally, got a real, bone fide start date for the build! Eek! Is this really happening??? Everything starts on the 2nd of March. It’s so exciting to be thinking about real things that are going to happen and to actually write a to-do-list where I can tick things off! Here’s the...