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Watch this space for real life project blogs from self-builders and renovators. You'll also find news, views and comments from the Editors and Experts behind Homebuilding & Renovating magazine. If you're interested in writing a blog on your own project, please get in touch.

Latest Blogs

  • Christmas Has Come Late...

    Posted by Alison Bishop on Friday 30th January 2015

    Christmas has come late in more ways than one! My little boy keeps on saying “Mummy, it’s snowing! Father Christmas will be coming again!” It’s kind of hard to burst his little bubble and not let him into the secret that actually, Christmas sort of has come a little late for us...

  • The Start Is In Sight

    Posted by Joe Shimbart on Sunday 25th January 2015

    I took the picture a few days ago near to the plot. The thought of living near views like this is keeping me going. I had hoped to start building by now but there have been a variety of obstacles, barriers and complications to get through. The good news is I am nearly there...

  • The Story So Far…

    Posted by Laura Lewis-Davies on Sunday 25th January 2015

    So we moved into our first self build Christmas 2010 when it was just about, pretty much, mostly, habitable. We spent the majority of 2011 getting it finished – skirting boards, internal doors, bathroom tiles, shower fittings etc. There was a lot to do – and it was exhausting!...

  • In a Nutshell

    Posted by Laura Lewis-Davies on Monday 19th January 2015

    So we're about to break ground with our second self build. It should be easy, shouldn't it — we've done it before; we know what to expect... Hmmm... our main learn so far is that no two self builds are the same. No matter how many weird anomalies you encounter and resolve the...

  • What Standards Should We Build To?

    Posted by Sue Dewhirst on Monday 19th January 2015

    In this vlog, Sue looks at the changes to the Building Standards and how to create a thermally efficient building

  • Automation - What’s the point and how much should I have?

    Posted by Paul Clarke on Monday 19th January 2015

    We’re asked about automation (naturally) almost every time we meet with a new client. The question takes various forms, but the general gist is: Automation - what’s the point and how much automation should I have? Here’s a list of some of the more well known and trusted...

  • Mortgage Nail-biting and Nightmares

    Posted by Alison Bishop on Friday 16th January 2015

    To say that I have had a few sleepless nights wondering whether or not my mortgage money is going to be transferred is probably quite an understatement. I finally got an offer on 28 October with a three-month validation period attached to it.

  • Planning Conditions Finally Signed Off

    Posted by Alison Bishop on Wednesday 14th January 2015

    Well it’s been almost a year since I gained planning permission and it has taken that long to get all the conditions released! The final one being released in December – following a request from Electricity North West – was that I have a noise report done. A what? Yep — a noise...

  • Happy New Year!

    Posted by Rebecca Clutton on Thursday 8th January 2015

    2015 is going to be a massive year. We have two special anniversaries, four important birthdays and the small matter of a house to build. The block and beam slab is now finished and waiting for delivery of the frame. Our builders worked through extreme weather conditions and had...

  • Tempus Fugit

    Posted by Ash Theasby on Sunday 4th January 2015

    Tempus fugit — time flies. It certainly does! I can't believe it's been so long since I last blogged here. I guess that in itself tells a story. Progress since my last post has been painfully slow and for a couple of months it felt like things had ground to a halt, even though...