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Watch this space for real life project blogs from self-builders and renovators. You'll also find news, views and comments from the Editors and Experts behind Homebuilding & Renovating magazine. If you're interested in writing a blog on your own project, please get in touch.

Latest Blogs

  • Frame Ordered!

    Posted by Rebecca Clutton on Thursday 18th September 2014

    So, another big decision was made last week. We had originally aimed to have the frame up by Christmas but, having considered how things are going, have re-jigged our ideas to push it to the first week of the New Year.

  • Pouring the Slab and Installing UFH

    Posted by Gill Meller on Monday 15th September 2014

    We chose a high compression EPS 100 insulation to go under the slab. It’s designed to support structural loads. It came down from Phoenix Specialist Products and was really good to use. The EPS needed to be covered by the damp proof membrane (DPM) which was lapped and taped as...

  • Coping with Mould

    Posted by Lindsey Davis on Friday 12th September 2014

    "That's not dust... it's mould" If you follow me on Twitter*, then you may have seen me post the beautiful picture above this weekend. Yup, it's a mouldy curtain pole. Nice. Now I didn't know you could get mouldy curtain poles, but I guess anything with any on it or in it can go...

  • Planning Permission Granted

    Posted by Joe Shimbart on Thursday 11th September 2014

    I have had some great news since my last blog that my planning application was successful!! I was extremely pleased and really felt that the pre-planning application had helped smooth the process and resolve any issues or concerns at an early stage. The planning has a raft of...

  • Our Rural Shropshire Self Build

    Posted by Rebecca Clutton on Friday 5th September 2014

    Well, the bullet has been bitten. After more than two years of waiting, applying, arguing, sleepless nights and pretty much putting life on hold, we are finally about to start our self build.

  • In the frame

    Posted by Darren Findlow and Anthony Higham on Thursday 4th September 2014

    Things have gone quiet on site as the builders have finished the groundworks and we are now awaiting the oak frame to be delivered to site. We’re expecting that on 22nd September and we’ve been sent some great photos by Carpenter Oak of our frame currently being worked on in...

  • Choosing Colours for Your Kitchen

    Posted by Amanda Selby on Wednesday 20th August 2014

    When choosing a kitchen, there are hundreds of choices to make After deciding on the layout of the room, one of your first tasks will be to choose your colour scheme, because this will inform so many other aspects of your kitchen design. In open plan areas, the kitchen colours...

  • Shopping

    Posted by Darren Findlow and Anthony Higham on Thursday 14th August 2014

    With 1 bathroom and 3 ensuites to design and shop for my eyes are getting a little crossed! So much choice and a blank canvas is almost as difficult as little choice and tight constraints. So for now I have written my shopping lists excluding showers as I’m not sure what sizes I...

  • Watching Paint Dry

    Posted by Lindsey Davis on Monday 11th August 2014

    A productive weekend fitting DIY in around trying to have a social life

  • The Welcome Return of the Fireplace

    Posted by David Snell on Wednesday 6th August 2014

    After falling out of fashion for a few decades, the fireplace is back thanks to the woodburning stove