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A Typical Self Build Schedule

When you take on a self build or renovation, organisation is everything. Here's H&R's suggestions for a schedule:

  • Arrange a mortgage in principle
  • Find potential plots
  • Assess development potential
  • Plan budget
  • Arrange valuation of the plot
  • Arrange a site survey
  • Purchase site
  • Arrange site insurance
  • Choose designer and builders
  • Create your design
  • Get planning permission
  • Apply for water and electricity
  • Prepare detailed drawings
  • Obtain Building Regulations approval
  • Put contract out to tender
  • Select builder/tradesmen
  • Arrange warranty and insurances
  • Clear site/create access
  • Set out and dig trenches
  • Pour concrete/prepare oversite
  • Build structure/timber frame erecting scaffold as required
  • Build roof structure and tile
  • Make weathertight
  • Fix rainwater goods/external decoration, remove scaffold
  • First fix carpentry, plumbing and electrics
  • Plaster out walls and ceilings
  • Lay hard floor finishes
  • Connect house to mains services
  • Second fix carpentry, plumbing and electrics
  • Decoration and ceramic tiling
  • Landscaping, driveway, paths etc
  • Arrange for final inspection
  • Completion/moving in
  • Correcting any defects


Can anyone advise re potential purchase/build cost for a 3 bedroom kit house....I'm just looking for a ball-park figure....thanks!
Hi Jackie, I'm afraid it really is impossible to give you a ball-park figure as the prices between the package companies range so substantially. Below are three articles that I think will be able to give you an idea of the sort of costs involved as well as some general advice on package homes Kind regards, Sam Joy (Online Editor)

Very useful outline, but will need to find more detailed timetable/schedule to manage project.
David wells

Hi David,

We give a free wall chart style project planner to our subscribers, but I'm afraid we don't have one online at the moment. It is something we are planning to create in downloadable form in the near future.


Hi Lindsey,

That would be ideal. Will look out for it.

Kind regards,

David Wells

Hi David,

If you can't wait we have a magazine subscription offer on at the moment for 25% off.

Includes free tickets to all of our shows too where all of our lovely experts are on hand with advice.



I will subscribe, but the mag doesn't replace the wall chart you mentioned does it?


No, you get a free copy of it with your subscription though.

............. understood. Many thanks.


No problem David.

Good luck with your project.